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As well as her work as a Movement Director and Choreographer, Natasha works across the UK as a Movement Teacher, leading weekly class, workshops and masterclasses for companies and schools such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal College of Music, British Youth Opera and other HE establishments. Natasha is an Associate Artist for Red Ladder Theatre Company and an Educational Associate Practitioner for the RSC. 


Natasha’s Movement Fundamentals classes are based on her training in release technique, physical theatre and developmental movement patterns. Drawing on techniques such as Sequential Movement, Flying Low (David Zambrano) and Body-Mind Centering (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen), these sessions take the actor through a series of floor-based patterns developing to standing sequences that encourage the actor to reengage with their own and other’s bodies, the floor and the space in new and invigorating ways. Challenging how we engage with gravity, we will learn how to fall, rise, dive and roll safely, focussing on efficiency and economy of movement. Once standing we will learn how to move and travel with a range of different dynamics and rhythms, using Laban Space/Weight/Time and The Efforts as a basis for the movement language. We will also develop our learning through group improvisations and contact work. 


Natasha's Movement Expression classes enable actors to experience different movement modalities, create new ways of working with the body as a tool for expression and refine their movement awareness for performance. Looking into how to approach using movement as part of a daily practice, how to manipulate the body to shape and give context to character and experience the work of pioneering movement practitioners to develop and refine our movement skills. The classes will act as mini workshops to enable actors of all abilities to develop their skills in movement, leading you through a range of movement processes designed to develop your skills in developing character, spatial awareness, contact work, expression using the work of movement pioneers Laban and Lecoq, animal study, movement economy and physical theatre techniques.

More information on Movement Training for Actors | Physical Theatre Workshops below..

Movement Training for Actors

To know more about Movement Training for Actors in your area, email Natasha directly using the contact page.

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Physical Theatre Workshops

To learn more about upcoming Physical Theatre Workshops and to find out how you can book one, email Natasha directly using the contact page.


Red Ladder Theatre Company PLAYSPACE

Natasha also leads sessions for Red Ladder at their weekly PLAYSPACE at Open Source Arts exploring Movement within Theatre. Follow the link to find out when or to know more.