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The MVMNT Podcast

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The MVMNT Podcast

The Movement Podcast has been set up to offer insight to aspiring Movement Directors, Choreographers and Movement Makers detailing what it takes to begin working within the industry. 

We hope this podcast will be heard by many aspiring Movement Makers from varying socio-economic backgrounds so we can break down barriers on how to gather vital information about routes into the industry.

The Movement Podcast will also serve current practitioners by enabling them to share ideas and stories, investigate their current practice and be inspired by hearing how others have faced challenges within their experiences. 

In the arts, sharing is caring. The Movement Podcast is exactly this.. sharing knowledge, opening up about the difficulties faced within a career in the arts and giving something back to the people trying to break into the biz.

We would adore your support, especially in this early stage of development as The Movement Podcast is completely unfunded in order to make it entirely free and accessible to anyone who wants to listen. It is therefore a voluntary opportunity, but one that we believe will give invaluable access to many aspiring makers across the UK.