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A thought on Movement Direction and the Working Class

From the lack of established working-class movement directors as role models, to simply not having the same feelings of agency or ‘entitlement’ to those who have been raised with a continual engagement with theatre and the ability to access sometimes expensive and often London based training often have… working-class movement directors and those aspiring to be, are facing practical, social, and financial barriers that are ever present hurdles along their road into the industry. Class is a hard thing to talk about and an even harder thing to define, especially as even engaging with the world of theatre associates us with a ‘higher way of living’. As a result, its difficult to gain true statistics regarding how many UK based Movement Directors today would self identify as working class, let alone open up a discussion about internal and external barriers we face. But this is a topic companies like COMMON Theatre are eager to crack open, with the hope that we can shed light on the problems regarding accessibility and bring about a change. Read more on the COMMON website: 

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Natasha Harrison